Monitoring EU Energy Efficiency First Principle and Policy Implementation

The ODYSSEE-MURE project aims at supporting policy makers in EU Member States to fulfil their obligations in the framework of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). In particular, it provides user-friendly databases and web-tools for monitoring and evaluating the impact of energy efficiency policies. The ODYSSEE database and facilities contain and analyse latest available energy consumption and energy efficiency indicators by sector, end-use in households and services, by mode in transport. The MURE database and facilities contain and analyse energy efficiency policies and measures by sector. These tools have been conceived in the past and will be extended by an experienced team comprising national energy efficiency agencies from 28 EU Member States (plus Norway, Switzerland and Serbia), and a strong Technical Coordination (ADEME, ENERDATA, Fraunhofer ISI). Future inclusion of Balkan countries will be prepared under this project.

The ODYSSEE database on Energy Efficiency Indicators and the MURE database on energy efficiency policies and measures, which are coordinated in a joint project by ADEME (France), make important contributions to the development of EU-wide monitoring tools to analyze policy issues arising in the context of energy efficiency and its links to global climate change. Both tools have been recognized in the use made of their results by the European Commission and many Member States. 

ODYSSEE (Technical coordinator ENERDATA/France) provides a comprehensive and detailed technical and economic database on energy data, energy-related activities and energy efficiency indicators at the level of the whole economy and all end-use sectors (residential, tertiary, industry, transport). The geographical coverage comprises the EU-28 countries plus Norway (and in the new project, Switzerland and Serbia, too). At the moment, it includes time-series from 1990 or earlier until 2017/2018, which are regularly updated (1-2 times per year).

MURE (Technical coordinator Fraunhofer ISI/Germany) is a database on energy efficiency policy measures for all end-use sectors. Main purpose: (1) gather and organize information on energy efficiency policies in the the EU-28 countries and Norway  (Switzerland and Serbia will be added in the new project, too) (2) gather information on qualitative and quantitative impact evaluations (3) tool for the identification and analysis of the policy measures included in the national energy and climate action plans (NECPs) and the Art. 7 notifications under the EED.

Several facilities have been developed both for ODYSSEE and MURE, which allow the user to make an easier and well-aimed use of the two databases.  

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March 2019 until August 2021


EU – Horizon 2020 Programme  


Over 30 partners from Member States of the EU and Norway, Switzerland and Serbia.