ISDEC Final Conference

Current developments of data driven analytics in innovation research

The workshop “Current developments of data driven analytics in innovation research” is the conclusion of our internal project on the implementation of big data analytics in Fraunhofer ISI's main research topics that we have been working on at Fraunhofer ISI over the last 3 years. We present our findings and results and discuss current topics and solutions in this field with external experts.

The workshop agenda addresses the key research areas in the project showing methods and approaches from the field of data driven analytics:

Current developments of data driven analytics in innovation research

Day 1: 27.04.2023

Introduction to data driven analytics in innovation research (Marian Klobasa / Rainer Frietsch)

First session: Identification of technologies and trends

  • 1) Diana Maynard (Sheffield University): Exploring topics and trends in knowledge production around SDGs
  • 2) Andrea Zielinski (Fraunhofer ISI): Explainable NLP for Monitoring the German Automotive Industry
  • 3) Abdullah Gök (University of Strathclyde): An Exploration of the European Social Innovation Database
  • 4) Jakob Edler (Fraunhofer ISI): Challenges for innovation research

Second session: Role of company databases in innovation scouting

  • 4) Nils Newman (Search Technology Atlanta): Tracking the Life of Nanotechnology Innovations: Adding non-patent data to patent data to improve innovation insights from IP information
  • 5) Denilton Darold (Fraunhofer ISI): Firm-level data for innovation analysis
  • 6) Mahendra Singh (Fraunhofer ISI): Application and use cases of company data bases in different projects
  • 7) Martin Möhrle (Universität Bremen): From text mining to machine learning: using patent data to explore phenomena from technology management

Current developments of data driven analytics in innovation research

Day 2: 28.04.2023

Third session: Web-scraping and visualization

  • 8) Denilton Darold (Fraunhofer ISI): Web-Scraping data for technology adoption analysis
  • 9) Mahendra Singh (Fraunhofer ISI): Making energy-transition headway: a data driven assessment of German energy startups

Fourth session: Data driven analytics in the energy sector

  • 10) Rainer Hoffmann (EnBW): Data and Analytics Maturity: EnBW’s Approach and Lessons Learned
  • 11) Heike Brugger (Fraunhofer ISI): Identifying and tracking new societal trends in the case of the energy transition
  • 12) Aliene van der Veen (TNO): A Co-Simulation Framework Design to Assess the Effectiveness of Flexibility Activation Mechanisms on Congestion in Dutch Distribution Networks