European Standardisation Panel Survey

To gain a better understanding of industry’s needs for standardization deriving from Research & Innovation, the European Commission is planning to launch the first edition of a European Standardization Panel Survey. This survey will complement the recently adopted Code of Practice on standardization in the European Research Area, offering evidence-based results on the role of standardization in support of innovation policies.

The Survey will address a large-scale population of EU industry, ensuring a balanced representation of companies of different sizes and from a wide variety of technology domains. The results will be published at the end of 2023 and will ultimately support the development of recommendations for policymakers, industry representatives and standardization bodies.  

The initiative will leverage on the experience developed by DIN and DKE with the German Standardization Panel.

  • Develop and implement a European Standardisation Panel Survey (ESPS) to generate a database to allow an analysis in order to help identify industry’s demand for standards as potential results of R&I projects, to contribute to the assessment of how EU R&I framework programmes tackle the standardisation needs of industry, and to contribute raising awareness on the importance of standardisation in general and its interface with R&I for industry.
  • To design a large-scale survey to collect data on the standardisation activities and needs of EU companies in general and related to R&I based standardisation and standards in particular.
  • Analysis of current activities and future trends in relation of the demand and use of R&I based standards for use by all stakeholders involved in standardisation, incl. R&I policy makers and any other interested parties.
  • Develop strategies for the involvement of R&I actors in European and international standardisation by matching the supply of R&I based standards with the demand of industry. Contribute to understand the integration of R&I results in standardisation processes, the implementation of standards, and the effects of standardisation and standards on entrepreneurial and commercial success. Develop policies for the involvement of R&I actors in European and international standardisation, with a special view on the potential role of R&I results in formulating mandates by the EC addressing the ESOs.





European Commission DG R&I