EU ForeValue

Foresight on the Impact of Changing Value Systems on European Research and Innovation Policies: Signals, Drivers, and Responses

The core of the foresight study is to identify changing values1 and value systems2 and to assess their implications for research and innovation policy. For that purpose, a literature and data analysis covering the last 10 years is carried out. A weak signal analysis aims to identify relevant value and value system changes that are not on the agenda of current R&I policies. The findings are validated by a series of interviews and a policy workshop. The final report shall assist the European Commission in better taking account of changing values and value systems in current and future R&I policies.

The Competence Center Foresight leads the Weak Signal analysis (task 3) and the interviews (task 4).


1 The tender specification defines values as “important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a society about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable (societal or cultural values)”.

2 The tender specification defines value systems as a “coherent set of values adopted and/or evolved by a person, organisation, or society as a standard to guide its behaviour”.