Experimental sessions (ES)

In the experimental sessions (ES), we link our observations, encounters and reflections with questions and challenges that are or could become relevant for society. We involve people (for example from science, industry and society), who are all able to make a valuable contribution to the discourse about alternative futures and initiate new perspectives and discussions.

ES Artificial Intelligence (AI) (30.11.2020)

A JIH ES on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) will take place on November 30, 2020. For this second ES, we focus on an observation that we made at various events last year: The public/scientific discourse on AI holds many ambiguities, discrepancies and controversies. For this reason, we address an interesting sub-aspect. This is not a superficial criticism of the concept of AI and the sometimes deterministic ideas about the nature and capabilities of an “artificial intelligence”, but rather about addressing the structures and narratives underlying these ideas.

ES Ambidexterity and Boundary Spanning (13.07.2020)

Our first ES addressed a challenge faced by many organizations: how to shape constant change. We focused on two concepts that can help organizations manage these changes: strategic ambidexterity and boundary spanning. Strategic ambidexterity refers to the ability of organizations to use both existing skills and develop new ones at the same time. Boundary spanning describes activities and capabilities to overcome intra- and inter-organizational boundaries.