KResCo: Crisis Management and resilience | Covid 19 (2020-2021)

The project

Background & objective

The “Crisis Management and Resilience - Covid 19” (KResCo) project analyzes the impact of the policy decisions taken as countermeasures to the pandemic on several societal systems: Business and society, innovation, civil protection and emergency response, application-oriented research. The developments and decisions made in Germany are compared with those of other European and non-European countries. In addition to the epidemiological research challenge for medicine, the COVID 19 pandemic also represented a full-scale social experiment. Within a short period of time, the pandemic hit different countries and economies, leading to a variety of individual and collective responses. The goals of our work package (WP) were to:

  • Compare the effectiveness of different systems & strategies
  • Create a common database of political decisions for all WPs
  • Comprehensively map the course of the crisis
  • Formulate scalable recommendations for action for health, domestic, and economic policy, as well as research policy and research data management.



  • Comprehensive literature research
  • Analyzing different data sets, collecting and coding qualitative statements.
  • Developing hypotheses
  • Operationalizing health, economic and societal indicators.
  • Evaluating the findings
  • Deriving recommendations for action



It was possible to create a holistic picture of policy decisions and make policy measures quantifiable that were previously impossible to analyze.