Competence Centers

Through our comprehensive and inter-disciplinary perspective, we provide a wide range of services for our clients, which are bundled in six Competence Centers (CC):


Energy Policy and Energy Markets

CC Energy Policy and Energy Markets examines how the political and institutional framework of sustainable energy systems can be designed, further developed and evaluated.


Energy Technology and Energy Systems

CC Energy Technology and Energy Systems analyzes innovative energy technologies and their contribution to a sustainable energy system from a strategic perspective.



CC Foresight develops, implements and conducts foresight processes within business, politics and society.


Sustainability and Infrastructure Systems

CC Sustainability and Infrastructure Systems analyzes the pre-conditions and possibilities to reduce emissions, improve resource efficiency and the sustainability of infrastructure systems.


Emerging Technologies

CC Emerging Technologies deals with the identification, evaluation and design of new technological developments and socio-technical transformations.  


Policy – Industry – Innovation

CC Policy – Industry – Innovation explores the functionalities and the changes in research and innovation systems.