Business Units

Foresight for Research and Civil Society

Using a diverse mix of foresight methods, the Business Unit works with actors from civil society and science to develop a needs-based approach to considering forward-looking actions in an environment characterized by global megatrends, long-term social challenges, disruptive events and crises. The business unit’s core goals are the strengthening of organizations’ future viability and social influence in the long term.

Foresight for Policy and Administration

With participatory, science-based foresight processes, the Business Unit supports actors in policy and administration in strengthening the transformative resilience of policy and society. Strategic foresight methods help governance actors account for volatility and growing uncertainties to find decisions that both address emergent crises while working within long-term action plans to sustainably accelerate transformations.


Foresight for Business and Industry Associations

The Business Unit supports companies of all sizes and industry associations across a number of sectors with a scientific, practice-oriented methodology to help embed strategic foresight within their organization’s structure and culture. This integrative approach strengthens the long-term competitiveness of individual companies, industrial sectors and the economy as a whole.