CC Innovation and Knowledge Economy

The Competence Center Innovation and Knowledge Economy analyses the prerequisites for innovations and their effects from the company level up to national innovation systems. It explores the various institutions, instruments and strategies in the economy and science that generate new knowledge and innovations. On the basis of current concepts of innovation economics research in connection with classical methods of empirical economic and social research, current questions regarding the economic and social effects of innovation processes are addressed and the underlying influencing factors at the corporate, respectively macroeconomic level, are identified. In addition, the Competence Center Innovation and Knowledge Economy investigates the contributions of science systems to economic, technological and societal progress.

Current issues studied include the change of knowledge and value creation networks, change processes at company level, the innovation capability of national economies as a whole, as well as scientific-technological trends with transformative character (e.g. industry 4.0, key technologies, digital applications, new business models or platform economies). In addition, the Competence Center analyses the performance of science systems, their economic and societal impact and the transfer of knowledge and technology.

Quantitative as well as qualitative approaches and methods are used to address the research questions. The repertoire includes primary surveys and secondary data analyses, but also the evaluation of large, structured quantities of data such as publication, patent, trademark and company databases, as well as the analysis of unstructured data using text mining, machine learning or other semantic methods (big data).

Our scientific analyses, expert appraisals and consulting services help our clients to better understand current processes and developments, in order to be able to act in a well-founded, forward-looking and targeted manner in the innovation system and to be economically successful.

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