System Transformations

SYSTRA developed the conception and operationalization of SYStemTRAnsformations, fundamental changes in the way society's needs are met, e.g. in terms of mobility, health, nutrition or energy supply.

Previous interdisciplinary analyses by Fraunhofer ISI have contributed significantly to shaping system change, currently among the most visible is the energy transition. The institute supports policy-makers and companies in developing strategies that influence or respond to system change – for example, by contributing to and evaluating various phases of Germany's High-Tech Strategy.

SYSTRA further expanded transition research at Fraunhofer ISI. In recent years, the demand has increased significantly not only to systematically situate individual questions and research, but to understand and shape the dynamics of system transformations conceptually and analytically in their entirety. At the same time, competitors on the market have also increasingly turned to the systems perspective.

The SYSTRA program therefore develops theoretically sound and methodologically underpinned concepts for the design of system change, with the aim of supporting policy-makers and companies in the formulation of strategies that influence the transformation of systems. 13 subprojects dealt with different aspects of system transformations within SYSTRA, several publications have been published.

SYSTRA also organized the “12th International Sustainability Transitions” conference of the Sustainability Transitions Research Network, which was hosted from October 5 to 8, 2021 from Karlsruhe.


Quo vadis methodological diversity in transitions research: Taking stock of recent developments and promising prospects

Actor strategies for dealing with sector coupling and technology competition: how do organizations position themselves and how does this influence the system transition?

TrAdCo – Coordination, Stability and Defection. Building Advocacy Coalitions for and policy in socio-technical Transitions

Dimensioning socio-technical systems and their transformation(s)

Actors in Transition (TransAct): Development and Publication of a Conceptual Framework

Methodology for Co-Creating Transformative Policy Mixes (COTRAP)

Transformative Governance: a new definition of the relationship between the state and society

The Innovation System Canvas as a methodological approach to support the setup and diffusion of TIS experiments in urban areas (SysCan)

The relevance of regions in system transformation (REGTRANS)

Understanding inter-system interactions and their impact: Development of a systematic framework for analysing interactions between socio-technical systems

Modelling transformation dimensions

The role of quality infrastructure for socio-technical transformation

Agri-food and nutrition transitions: Insights and ways forward