Innovation workshop on the topic of "Innovative Capacity”

On July 5, 2021, the Joint Innovation Hub hosted an innovation workshop on how companies can improve their capacity to innovate and navigate their way into the future.

We started the workshop with a JIH impulse about how an "ambidextrous" way of thinking and working can strengthen the innovativeness of companies. In concrete terms, this means linking the two modes of exploitation (using existing capabilities in the core business) and exploration (developing new ideas for innovative business) and developing mechanisms to deal with possible areas of conflict.

Together with the participants, we worked on the skills required for a mindset geared toward innovation as well as the relevant drivers of and barriers to innovation. We outlined an environment characterized by market changes, high complexity and uncertainties, in which companies increasingly have to aim for sustainability solutions. The discussion revealed factors that promote innovation, such as an open organizational and error culture, positive innovation attitudes among employees, and strengthening diversity. We identified a lack of trust, suboptimal processes and strict hierarchies as inhibiting factors as well.

We also spoke in this context about mechanisms for change such as the establishment of "open innovation network teams" that actively engage in knowledge exchange with external partners and thus also initiate cross-industry partnerships. Determining exploratory search fields to identify technologies and collaborate with potential stakeholders can be an additional transformational tool. Ultimately, a mindset geared toward innovation combines managers' abilities to spot market opportunities, turn them into business models, and understand which technologies can play a role in doing so. 

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