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Press Release / 19.3.2024

How can we live according to our inner clocks in the future?

In the project CIRCADIA, Fraunhofer ISI together with FOM University of Applied Sciences, investigated how technologies and a de-structured daily routine could affect the circadian rhythms, i.e. the inner human clocks. Recommendations of the study include abolishing the clock change to “Daylight saving time”, adjusting school hours for teenagers and appreciating daylight.

Press Release / 7.3.2024

Electric trucks: What has to be considered for the nationwide expansion of fast-charging locations?

In the “HoLa” project, eight high-performance charging points for trucks using the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) are being installed along the A2 between Berlin and the Ruhr region.

Recommendations for action have been derived from the research results available to date that contain important findings for a nationwide expansion of charging infrastructure. All the results were presented at the European “HoLa conference” in Berlin and are documented in a report.

Blog article / 22.2.2024

“Generative AI has not surprised us.”

Research planning depends on knowledge about the future. Here, there are various foresight methods, which are becoming better all the time, as they are based on large quantities of data and use AI tools. Foresight based on AI is anything but trivial: Dr. Philine Warnke is a foresight expert at Fraunhofer ISI and has shared the secret of technical foresight, which allows her to recognize trends, before others recognize them. However, results at the push of a button do not exist.


Press Release / 21.2.2024

Making the transition to green hydrogen for oil and gas exporters

A new study for the GIZ shows: The switch to green hydrogen could mitigate losses for dependent economies due to falling exports of fossil fuels such as oil and gas.


Press Release / 15.2.2024

Charging infrastructure for e-vehicles

Well-developed charging infrastructure has an important role to play in the market ramp-up of electric mobility in Germany. A study by the Fraunhofer institutes ISI and ISE on behalf of Transport & Environment (T&E) looks at what needs and potentials apartment and non-residential buildings have for charging infrastructure – especially in light of the amendment of Germany’s Building Electric Mobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG). 


Press Release / 12.2.2024

Hydrogen: Which import strategy for Germany?

A new meta-study conducted by Fraunhofer ISI has evaluated studies of the generation, production, and trade of hydrogen. The findings were compiled in a position paper and used to derive recommendations for action that clearly differentiate between importing pure hydrogen and importing hydrogen derivatives.


Battery Update / 6.2.2024

Potentials of alternative battery technologies

The growing global demand for batteries is currently covered mostly by lithium-ion batteries. However, alternative battery technologies are increasingly coming into focus due to geopolitical dependencies. What alternatives to lithium-ion batteries can meet the growing demand, ease the raw material situation and reduce geopolitical dependencies?

Press Release / 1.2.2024

Graphene: How will the global market develop in the next years and which are possible applications?

Since 2004, graphene sparked enormous expectations in terms of technological application opportunity and potential economic value. In this context, a new scientific publication in the journal 2D Materials from researchers of Fraunhofer ISI provides insights into the projected development of the emerging graphene market, specific segments and possible applications. In particular, the meta-market analysis focuses on composites, batteries, and electronics as major application areas.

Our Institute / 24.1.2024

Research is diverse.

Fraunhofer ISI is a leading international institute for innovation research. We can only achieve excellence in our mission if we are internationally inclusive and open-minded. We regard employees with a migrant background as a great social and intellectual asset. We are proud of our international character and of our commitment to the inclusion of diverse groups of all kinds and we fully support the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter), of which the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is a signatory, as well as the Fraunhofer Statement against extremism. We see diversity in the world of work and in society not only as an opportunity for enrichment, but also as a basic requirement for economic success and a prosperous society.


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