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Press Release / 4.4.2023

Large-scale use of e-fuels in cars and trucks does not make sense

Cheaper alternatives, high energy demand for production, questionable environmental footprint and possible obstacle to transforming the transport sector: There are manifold reasons not to use synthetic fuels produced with electricity in cars and trucks.  This is the conclusion of a new discussion paper by Fraunhofer ISI. Based on scientific findings, it takes a critical view of the German government’s recent decision that plans to allow e-fuels a major role in achieving climate neutrality in the transport sector in the future.

Press Release / 29.3.2023

Cost analysis reveals clear advantage for electric vehicles

A new study by Fraunhofer ISI on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport in Germany compared the total costs of various passenger car drives and reveals a clear, long-term cost advantage for electric vehicles over ICE cars, even though electric cars have significantly higher purchase costs to start with. If electric cars are charged using self-generated power, this can lead to a significant cost advantage over a longer period of time. A fact sheet summarizes all the results of comparing the different drive types.


Battery Update / 11.4.2023

Potentials of 46 mm cylindrical cells: On the way to the new standard format

Tesla is giving the go-ahead for a new cylindrical cell format, setting a trend that is also being picked up by other cell manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers. Our analysis in the latest post of Fraunhofer ISI's Battery Update.



50 Years ISI

Press Release / 9.2.2023

How could the demand for hydrogen and its price develop up to 2045?

Hydrogen is one of the pillars of the energy transition. However, there is still uncertainty about its specific applications and the scope of hydrogen use. A new study by Fraunhofer ISI addresses this issue and looks at the price-elastic demand for hydrogen in sectors such as industry, transport and energy conversion. 

Publication / 9.2.2023

Mission agencies as an innovative building block for tackling the challenges facing society

How can important transformations in economy and society be driven forward? For example, by means of independent "mission agencies" based at the Chancellor's Office. In a new publication for the Bertelsmann Stiftung, researchers of Fraunhofer ISI have outlined what these agencies might look like and how they should be set up and equipped.

Press Release / 3.11.2022

A climate-neutral future for converted LNG terminals?

The construction of new LNG terminals with the aim of reducing energy dependence on Russian natural gas raises concerns that the associated fossil fuel infrastructure could hinder the transition of the energy system to renewable energy sources. Therefore, the question of convertibility of these LNG terminals for a later use with renewable energy carriers such as liquid hydrogen or ammonia is of particular importance and has been analysed in a new study by Fraunhofer ISI on behalf of the European Climate Foundation (ECF).  

Press Release / 25.10.2022

Do shared e-scooters and e-bikes reduce the emissions of urban transportation systems?

The usage of shared micromobility services has increased in recent years, particularly in urban areas. But can shared e-scooters and e-bikes contribute to the sustainability of cities and their transportation systems? To answer these and other questions, Fraunhofer ISI conducted a new study on behalf of the micromobility provider Lime by fusing mode shift survey data with lifecycle emissions data in six cities around the world. The study also sets out what implications these findings have for industry and practice.


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