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Event / 7.2.2024

3rd EnTEC Conference

The Energy Transition Expertise Centre (EnTEC) was initiated in January 2021 to identify relevant future topics for the energy transition. The objective of this 3rd and final EnTEC online conference is to present the last results of two in-depth studies (Common European data space and Osmotic energy potential) as well as four exploratory studies (Regulatory sandboxes, Supply chain bottlenecks, Open public consultation on carbon capture and storage and Energy efficiency 1st methodology).


Press Release / 30.10.2023

Overhead catenary e-trucks: Lessons from current German field trails and research for the future of the technology

The BOLD project provided scientific support accompanying three field trials and twelve other research projects on electric trucks powered by overhead lines.


Battery Update / 18.10.2023

Meta-market monitoring: interactive web tool for battery data published

Technologies and industries around the battery value chain are developing rapidly. Orientation is provided by Meta-Market-Monitoring, an interactive web tool with numerous data on batteries. Our battery update explains where the data comes from.

Press Release / 26.9.2023

Local Food Systems: How sustainable are the business models for local food chains?

Mobile units for processing fruit and vegetables on-site may play an important role in food supply in 2035. The EU’s FOX project investigated the form that such local food chains might take. To this end, Fraunhofer ISI developed future scenarios that could be used to test the viability of business models for regional food processing and distribution.

Press Release / 22.9.2023

At present, Europe is not making sufficient use of its hydrogen potential – a new study recommends stronger cooperation at EU level

Within the HyPat research project, a new study by Fraunhofer ISI, RIFS Potsdam and the German Energy Agency (dena) reveals a significant mismatch within the ramp-up of Europe's hydrogen industry: The investments made in countries with high potential for green hydrogen production are currently too low. The discussion paper gives five policy recommendations to the EU and the Member States.

Press Release / 14.9.2023

A new roadmap outlines the fields of application, markets, costs and the challenges facing alternative battery technologies

Fraunhofer ISI's new roadmap looks at alternative battery technologies for the period up to 2045. Their technology-specific advantages, future areas of application, markets and supply chains are analyzed, as well as Europe's positioning, the costs and the industrial scalability. The roadmap also identifies areas where the EU and Germany need to take action with regard to technology sovereignty. It was developed as part of the BMBF accompanying project BEMA II.

Conference / 5.9.2023

Jakob Edler discusses with Minister Stark-Watzinger at China conference

On September 5th our Executive Director Prof. Jakob Edler participated at the “Conference on the Chinese National Innovation and Techno-Industrial Eco-Systems“ jointly organized by IGCC and MERICS in Berlin where he contributed with a short statement and a joint panel discussion with Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger (BMBF) and Barry Naughton (IGCC).


Blog / 9.8.2023

How much green hydrogen will Europe’s industry need in 2050?

A new EU study by Fraunhofer ISI has examined the impact of the industrial transition on Europe's energy system in 2050 in different scenarios. The study shows how much green hydrogen Europe's industry will need in the future and where these production capacities could arise in the future.


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