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Press Release / 13.1.2022

New study reveals key strategies for decarbonizing industry

Climate policy targets cannot be achieved without industry converting to CO2-neutral production. Fraunhofer ISI has calculated scenarios to show possible transformation paths for a climate-neutral industry. The results show which key strategies are robust and implementable across very different transformation paths.

Press Release / 21.12.2021

How City Labs in Mexico, Peru and India contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation to its impacts

Within the Morgenstadt Global Initiative, Fraunhofer ISI contributes to the conduction of "City Labs" in Mexico, Peru and India and coordinates in particular the Mexican Lab in Saltillo. Fraunhofer ISI also provides energy assessments for the cities of Saltillo (Mexico) and Piura (Peru) and evaluates the CO2 impact of suggested project measures across all cities.

Press Release / 19.11.2021

European Energy Efficiency Scoreboard 2021 released

The European Energy Efficiency Scoreboard for 2021 has been published. It has been developed by Fraunhofer ISI for the Odyssee-Mure project. Ireland is this years leader of the EU Scoreboard. The scoreboard compares the impacts of energy efficiency policies & developments amongst european countries. 

Press Release / 13.12.2021

How to increase the systemic resilience of the economy and society?

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of resilience has become an important guiding principle. Voices from politics, business and society are calling for strategies to increase systemic robustness and adaptability in these areas. A new policy brief by Fraunhofer ISI shows that innovation research offers many tried and tested approaches that can help when developing resilience strategies.  

Press Release / 9.12.2021

Decarbonize the industry: What is missing for a successful implementation of the EU hydrogen strategy?

A new study carried out by Fraunhofer ISI and the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology identified certain policy gaps in the realization of the EU Hydrogen Strategy and proposes multiple policy options to close these gaps. The study was commissioned by the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) at the European Parliament.

Press Release / 25.11.2021

European project MICAT aims to develop new tool to calculate energy efficiency measures

The European Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation project MICAT – Multiple Impacts Calculation Tool aims to develop a new tool to calculate energy efficiency measures. The tool will enable policy-makers and practitioners to conduct simplified analyses for different data and policy scenarios, in order to compare and assess the relevance of the multiple impacts, and strengthen reporting and monitoring at the local, national, and European level.  

Press Release / 19.11.2021

How may societal trends influence Europe’s future energy demand?

The goal of the newTRENDs project is to recognize and model the influence of new societal trends on energy demand, and to develop scenarios of their future development. Almost 12 months of cross-sectoral modelling work within the project have just been summarized at the first stakeholder workshop.  

Press Release / 17.11.2021

What is the market potential for sustainable battery recycling in Europe?

As electric mobility becomes commonplace an increasing number of questions with regard to the efficient recycling of batteries are raised, not only for ecological reasons, but also for reasons of competition. Mechanical and plant engineering sectors will be able to make a substantial contribution to this, bringing new and efficient procedures onto the market. A study carried out by the Fraunhofer ISI, commissioned by the IMPULS-foundation of the VDMA, reaches the conclusion that Europe can develop into the leading market for green and highly efficient battery recycling and its related technology.


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