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Press Release / 8.7.2020

Technology sovereignty for Germany and Europe. From demand to concept

It is not only since the corona crisis that it has become clear how important technological competitiveness and independence are for Europe. The debate surrounding the introduction of the 5G standard is another example that shows a discussion is needed about how independent Germany and Europe can and must be with regard to essential technologies. In a position paper, Fraunhofer ISI presents a differentiated analytical approach to determining the criticality of technologies and the degree of technology sovereignty at national and international level.  

Event / 16.7.2020

Consumer stock ownership plans – Implications of (co-)ownership for RE Clusters, Energy Efficiency and Inclusion

On July 16, 2020 Prof. Dr. iur. Jens Lowitzsch will be a virtual guest at Fraunhofer ISI. The lecture “Consumer stock ownership plans – Implications of (co-)ownership for RE Clusters, Energy Efficiency and Inclusion“ will start at 15:00.

Press Release / 24.6.2020

Batteries for electric cars: Fact check and answers to the most important questions

How well do electric cars perform environmentally? How will their range, economic efficiency and charging infrastructure develop in the long term? Will electric mobility mean job losses? These and many other questions to do with the battery value chain are addressed by the Fraunhofer ISI in a Policy Brief, which was presented at the Battery Forum Germany in Berlin. Main message: there is nothing to stop the widespread market diffusion of electric cars between 2020 and 2030+, although numerous challenges still have to be addressed.

Conference / 30.6.2020

Heating and cooling planning for greener cities: local resources first!

Heating and cooling accounts for almost half of the energy consumption in cities. That is why decarbonising this sector is of utmost importance. But how to decarbonise heating & cooling? What visions & models for gas-free cities? Join this online discussion of the Hotmaps project and discover the Hotmaps toolbox and how it can help.

Webinar / 4.6.2020

How to jump start industry decarbonization in the wake of the corona crisis

The coronavirus continues to drastically change the basic conditions for economic and social life throughout the world. Whereas long-term effects remain uncertain, the crisis and the response to the crisis will have implications for the energy intensive industries which strive to transition towards net-zero emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. A webinar aims to strengthen the collaboration between experts on industrial decarbonization and offers you an interactive platform where potential solutions can be identified, challenged and refined.

Press Release / 28.5.2020

New Policy Paper shows the economic viability of the overhead line technology and its potentials for saving CO2

Road freight traffic is responsible for more than one third of the national greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector - and is likely to increase in the future. Climate-neutral freight transport must play a key role for Germany to achieve its climate goals. A new joint Policy Brief by Fraunhofer ISI, the Oeko Institut and ifeu shows that the overhead line technology has great potential for CO2 savings and can be economically viable.


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