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Press Release / 3.11.2022

A climate-neutral future for converted LNG terminals?

The construction of new LNG terminals with the aim of reducing energy dependence on Russian natural gas raises concerns that the associated fossil fuel infrastructure could hinder the transition of the energy system to renewable energy sources. Therefore, the question of convertibility of these LNG terminals for a later use with renewable energy carriers such as liquid hydrogen or ammonia is of particular importance and has been analysed in a new study by Fraunhofer ISI on behalf of the European Climate Foundation (ECF).  

Press Release / 25.10.2022

Do shared e-scooters and e-bikes reduce the emissions of urban transportation systems?

The usage of shared micromobility services has increased in recent years, particularly in urban areas. But can shared e-scooters and e-bikes contribute to the sustainability of cities and their transportation systems? To answer these and other questions, Fraunhofer ISI conducted a new study on behalf of the micromobility provider Lime by fusing mode shift survey data with lifecycle emissions data in six cities around the world. The study also sets out what implications these findings have for industry and practice.


Battery Update / 19.1.2023

Recycling of lithium-ion batteries will increase strongly in Europe

Currently, about 50 kilotons of spent batteries are recycled annually in Europe. The quantity of batteries to be recycled will increase continuously in the coming years - and the origin of these batteries will also change.



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Press Release / 21.9.2022

Special analysis: How resilient were industrial companies in the Corona lockdown in Germany?

Fraunhofer ISI asked more than 200 manufacturing companies in Germany about their resilience to crises following the Corona lockdown in spring 2020. A resulting study, which has now been published, shows how important Industry 4.0 technologies are for the resilience of companies – and which sectors proved to be more resilient than others.

Press Release / 31.8.2022

Will we all soon be living in the Metaverse?

The Joint Innovation Hub at Fraunhofer ISI used a new online survey on the Metaverse to examine international user preferences, business models and innovation processes in the Metaverse. The survey shows that the Metaverse has the potential to have a major impact on work, mobility and how we live.

In addition, the study explores possible business models in the Internet of the future and shows ways in which companies can gain access to the Metaverse. 

Press Release / 4.8.2022

How EU countries vary in their dependence on natural gas for space heating

New data show that almost 50 percent of heating in the EU is generated by natural gas. Overall, the generation of space heating and hot water accounts for nearly one-third of Europe's final energy consumption. The data from a study by TU Wien, Fraunhofer ISI, e-think, Öko-Institut and Viegang Maagoe make it clear that natural gas dependency varies widely between EU countries, ranging from zero to 90 percent.

Publication / 25.7.2022

What should the new future strategy for innovation and research look like?

Energy transition, digitalisation, aging society: how should we address challenges facing society as a whole? The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is currently working on the new Future Strategy for Research and Innovation to define the Federal Government's future research and innovation policy.

A newly published discussion paper by Fraunhofer ISI now provides recommendations for the design of future mission-oriented innovation policies.


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