Cross-cutting topics

The research projects conducted at Fraunhofer ISI cover a wide range of topics and affect many areas of society, the economy or politics. We organize these research topics into Competence Centers and Business Units.

Many of our topics have a cross-cutting character, which spans these organizational boundaries. We pool the activities and expertise in the Competence Centers for those cross-cutting topics that are currently particularly important to us and develop them further.

As a rule, colleagues from all the Competence Centers work together on each of these cross-cutting topics, in order to ensure the interdisciplinary and systemic research approach that is typical for Fraunhofer ISI.  



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Artificial Intelligence


Transformation and Innovation Systems for urban areas


Transformation to a new added value paradigm


Electric mobility


Technology Assessment


Information and data security

Conceptual and methodological cross-cutting programs


Data Science (Innovation Systems Data – Excellence Center)


SYSTRA (SYStem TRAnsformations)