Knowledge management analysis in the building materials sector: A cross-sectoral benchmarking study (2022-2024) | Building materials sector

The project

Background & objective

Companies are under pressure to optimize their knowledge management in times of complex supply chains, global presence and considerable pressure to innovate. The degree of competitiveness of a company is closely linked to how it absorbs, processes, develops, transfers (internally) and uses new knowledge. This project therefore aims to highlight internal knowledge management practices and identify and analyze best and successful practices in a cross-sectoral benchmarking study.


  • Questionnaire
  • Semi-structured interviews
  • On-site observations
  • Knowledge maps
  • Benchmarking workshops with the client and other companies



  • Identifying the knowledge requirements at different locations
  • Detecting weaknesses in the company's knowledge management system
  • Deriving recommendations for action based on the best practices of other companies