Services of the Joint Innovation Hub for society

We provide new thematic and conceptual impulses for societal discourse, bring different stakeholders together in networks and create the scope needed for cooperation on innovative topics.


Megatrends such as digitalization and sustainability but also geopolitical conflicts influence not only companies but also our society. It is especially because these developments occur simultaneously that they trigger intentional or latent adaptation processes and can have unintended consequences. We are convinced that ideas and trends only develop into successful innovations in the long term if they are perceived as desirable by society, offer tangible added value and thrive in a favorable environment. That's why we are working with people to envisage new concepts and developments and their effects, and are involving them in political participation processes, for example in the form of citizen dialogues. In view of already organized and vocal minorities, it is a particular concern of ours to give the wider population an audible voice.

Project selection and activities

Focus: Future. Our lives in 2050

Study: Enabling the Metaverse

Project: KResCo – Crisis management and Resilience – Covid 19 (2020-2021)