Transformation to a new added value paradigm

Traditionally the term added value is understood as the development of a product – starting with the raw material resulting in the finished product. This understanding does no longer suffice today, new forms of added value show this, for example the platform economy, industry 4.0 or the circular economy. Here the logic of established added value processes changes fundamentally and completely new added value models are created.

How will added value develop in future? How will people and companies manage added value? What will a new added value paradigm look like? How can a change of paradigm be designed?

The research group “Transformation to a new added value paradigm” of Fraunhofer ISI deals with these questions. The scientists integrate with their interdisciplinary and systemic approach different trends and perspectives and thus gain a holistic view on the future of added value. Furthermore, together with decision-makers from politics and industry they develop specific design approaches and recommendations for action for a sustainable development.


The research group consists of experts from all Competence Centers of the Institute and is currently working on the following questions:

How can CO2 neutral production be attained?

How can a circular economy be established?

What are the trends in biologization and advanced manufacturing technologies?

How does glocalization change the international added value?

Which added value patterns can be expected for new business models?

What is the role of social innovations?

How can a suitable added value policy shape structural change?