CC Emerging Technologies

The Competence Center Emerging Technologies deals with the identification, evaluation and design of new technological developments and socio-technical transformations. Our topics include digitization, bioeconomics, new materials and production processes, innovations in the health system as well as technology assessment and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

We examine the changes resulting from the interplay of technologies, innovations and society. In this context, the focus on social challenges and the sustainable design of transformations are crucial. We investigate the framework conditions and the governance of innovations and evaluate the impacts of innovations.

The interdisciplinary approach plays a decisive role in our work. This includes involving all stakeholders and being well connected. We see ourselves as a bridge-builder between technology perspectives, markets, politics and society.

The results of our work culminate in recommendations for technology design and use, in highlighting design options, in advising stakeholders and in supporting and evaluating agenda setting in innovation policy. We want to contribute the knowledge generated by our work to the respective scientific discourses.

We conduct our research in a socially responsible manner and thus contribute to solving global challenges. 

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