Innovation workshop on "Being successful in uncertain times - How to make your business model crisis-proof"

Which current and future developments can have a radical impact on your business model and how can you make your business model crisis-proof? We explored these questions in the Joint Innovation Hub on July 14, 2022, in a workshop together with a total of eight research institutions and companies from the mechanical engineering and plant construction sectors, the food industry, the banking sector, and the energy sector.

Together with the participants, we first identified a total of 32 trends and events that had a radical impact on business models and assessed their relevance in order to work on the following four developments: sustainability, artificial intelligence, the war in Ukraine and supply bottlenecks.

Participants then filled out business model fact sheets for their companies based on the Business Model Canvas concept. Finally, in three different sessions, they evaluated the impact of the trends on the business models of the other companies from an optimistic, realistic and pessimistic perspective and discussed the results with us, all of which offered exciting insights due to the cross-industry approach.

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