Joint Innovation Hub Heilbronn

As part of its collaboration with the non-profit Dieter-Schwarz Foundation, Fraunhofer ISI established a new research group on January 1, 2023 on the Bildungscampus in Heilbronn.


Our new research group "Joint Innovation Hub Heilbronn" ("JIH-Heilbronn" for short) fits right into the fruitful startup and innovation ecosystem in Heilbronn and its services are especially aimed at the region Heilbronn-Franken. The focus is on systemic innovation and technology management in the research fields of innovation, digitalization and artificial intelligence as well as sustainability. 

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Figure 1: Research fields and the associated main topics at JIH-Heilbronn

Our holistic perspective on the grand challenges of our times and the specific needs of regional stakeholders means we can support actors from business, science, education, society and politics across the entire innovation process from early signals to impact measurement. This includes anticipating, preparing for and helping to shape relevant technological, economic and social trends, the rapid and needs-based development of innovative ideas, prototypes and business models especially in innovation ecosystems, as well as the effective transformation of organizations in terms of strategy, structure and culture. 

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Figure 2: The range of methods at JIH-Heilbronn across the entire innovation process in the fields of innovation, digitalization and AI as well as sustainability.

To achieve the paramount objective of strengthening regional innovation, the JIH-Heilbronn creates the room needed for innovations to emerge that are often random and unplanned ("Serendipity". To do so, the JIH-Heilbronn offers new formats for exchanges such the planned Metaverse future lab. It helps stakeholders to develop the capability to open their minds to thinking in alternative futures and to navigate new paths toward desirable futures ("Futures Literacy"). It takes an open innovation approach which strives for the optimal balance between developing new fields of activity (“Exploration”) and fully utilizing existing ones (“Exploitation”). The new research group develops needs-based solutions and stands out with its strong focus on interaction, applications and long-term cooperation.

We look forward to hearing from you if you, too, are in the process of transforming in the direction of digitalization and sustainability and are looking for orientation and design options in relevant future fields such as artificial intelligence, circular economy or the Metaverse. 


Joint Innovation Hub Heilbronn

Bildungscampus 9, 74076 Heilbronn

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marion A. Weissenberger-Eibl
Director of Fraunhofer ISI and Head of the Joint Innovation Hub
Phone +49 721 6809-151/201