Innovations: Methods and strategic fields of activity (2022-2023) | Mechanical engineering sector

The project

Background & objective

Companies are increasingly focusing on innovation management in order to successfully position themselves for the next five to ten years. The mechanical engineering sector is under considerable pressure to transform: New technologies, sustainability and the increased utilization of AI require companies to enhance their innovative capability. The objective of the project was to increase the company’s innovative capacity by applying innovation methods and to focus not just on the short-term and immediate problems, but especially on the need for action and the topics arising in the next decade. 



  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Scenarios
  • Roadmaps



  • Classification of existing innovation processes
  • Identification of innovation-relevant stakeholders
  • Creation of scenarios in line with the defined topics
  • Development of a roadmap as an internal plan for change
  • Analysis of the innovation culture & derivation of concrete ways to develop an innovative mindset