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Current Press Releases


Healthcare sector: Conserving resources improves health and environmental protection and lowers costs

With an annual raw material consumption of 107 million tonnes, Germany's healthcare sector is in fourth place in the German economy. Approaches to conserve resources in this sector are often only scattered and not a political priority so far. In this study, Fraunhofer ISI shows the possibilities and potentials to lower healthcare costs and improve environmental protection and human health with less raw material consumption.
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New study predicts increased market penetration for graphene-based applications by 2025

Graphene Flagship experts from Fraunhofer ISI identify key opportunities in graphene commercialisation after a comprehensive three-year analysis of production methods and potential applications. The results are summarised in two new publications.
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Paris Agreement: Falling costs for renewables do not automatically lead to increased climate protection in the energy sector

Falling costs for solar panels and wind turbines equals lower CO2 emissions in the energy sector - if this equation is correct, it would a big step towards achieving the Paris climate goals. Many key renewable energy technologies have indeed become much cheaper in the last few years. However, a study of national energy and climate policies in Argentina, Indonesia and Mexico shows that falling costs for renewables do not automatically result in more climate protection.
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What are the opportunities and challenges of importing green hydrogen?

Fraunhofer ISI examines all issues related to importing green hydrogen in a new policy brief, and summarizes the tasks and problems that still have to be solved.
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