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Charging infrastructure for e-vehicles: What potential do apartment houses and non-residential buildings have?

Well-developed charging infrastructure has an important role to play in the market ramp-up of electric mobility in Germany. However, charging vehicles overnight remains a challenge for many of those living in cities with lots of apartment houses and non-residential buildings. A new study by the Fraunhofer institutes ISI and ISE on behalf of Transport & Environment (T&E) looks at what needs and potentials apartment and non-residential buildings have for charging infrastructure – especially in light of the amendment of Germany’s Building Electric Mobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG). The results suggest there is a significant gap between the planned expansion and the need for charging points up to 2030.
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Hydrogen: Which import strategy for Germany?

A meta-study conducted by Fraunhofer ISI as part of the HyPat project has evaluated existing studies of the generation, production, and trade of hydrogen. The findings were compiled in a position paper and used to derive recommendations for action that clearly differentiate between importing pure hydrogen and importing hydrogen derivatives.
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Graphene: How will the global market develop in the next years and which are possible applications?

Since its practical isolation in 2004, graphene and related materials sparked enormous expectations in terms of technological application opportunity and potential economic value. In this context, a new peer-reviewed scientific publication in the journal 2D Materials from researchers of Fraunhofer ISI provides insights into the projected development of the emerging graphene market, specific segments and possible applications. The market expectations are aggregated from commercial market reports and complemented by bibliometric and patent analyses. The results provide deeper insights into the global market landscape and its key actors. In particular, the meta-market analysis focuses on composites, batteries, and electronics as major application areas likely to drive the overall development of the graphene market towards mass production.
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Smart speakers, wearables and sensors: How up-to-date are such permanently connected IoT devices?

By 2023, billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices found their way into almost every area of life, industry and critical infrastructures. As these permanently connected smart devices process very sensitive data, their up-to-dateness is essential to close vulnerabilities and thus enhance cybersecurity. In this context, a new Fraunhofer ISI study analysed data of 52 billion devices.
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