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Current Press Releases


Innovation Indicator 2018: Germany’s innovation performance is stagnating

The Innovation Indicator 2018, compiled for the Federation of German Industries (BDI) by Fraunhofer ISI together with the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), ranks Germany in fourth place as in 2017. However, the international innovation ranking indicates that the gap has lengthened to the leading countries of Singapore, Switzerland and Belgium. The openness indicator, which was determined for the first time, certifies that the German innovation system has the highest degree of openness among the world’s largest economies.
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Lead market and lead supplier study “Lithium-ion batteries for electric mobility” 2018 – does Germany still have a chance?

In its energy storage monitoring study 2018, Fraunhofer ISI examines which are the leading countries in battery technologies for electric mobility and which is the lead supplier and the lead market. The study shows that Germany must invest quickly and massively in production-related research and development and in developing human capital if it wants to play a role in the battery industry in the long term.
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Evaluation tool to improve the innovative capacity of the health care system

The German health care system is considered one of the best worldwide, but is also characterized by conflicts of interests and distribution that can hinder social innovations. To remove these obstacles, an evaluation tool has been developed at Fraunhofer ISI on behalf of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, which exposes conflicting objectives and makes the often heterogeneous effects of innovations in the health system transparent and able to be discussed.
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Lower electricity prices for households due to electric vehicles

The number of electric vehicles is rising steadily. Because these are powered electrically, they have an impact on the entire electricity system and therefore on electricity prices as well. Fraunhofer ISI has calculated that, although investments in power grids will probably be needed, overall the electricity prices for households could fall if large numbers of electric vehicles drive on German roads.
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