CC Foresight

The Competence Center Foresight develops, supports, and facilitates processes in three business units:

Through tailored foresight activities, we foster the future viability and resilience of our clients, their stakeholders, and society as a whole.

Our methods include:

  • Horizon Scanning for the identification and assessment of early signals of change and trends.
  • Futures Surveys, such as Delphi Surveys or Expert Interviews, for evaluating trends in terms of their relevance, opportunities, and risks.
  • Scenario Building for the development and analysis of different futures and the identification of implications for today.
  • Roadmapping for the formulation of robust strategies and options for action.
  • Visioning for formulating visions and long-term, value-based shared goals

With our research-based foresight methods, we facilitate navigation through the complexities of uncertain future developments, question biases in future thinking, initiate learning processes, and open up new possibilities within robust future strategies. This also involves engaging stakeholders and relevant experts in various phases of strategic foresight.

Business Units