CC Foresight

The Competence Center Foresight develops and conducts strategic foresight processes in enterprises, politics and society.

Our aim is to strengthen the futures literacy of our clients and of society as a whole with customized foresight activities. Our foresight methods are suitable for the analysis of future options and challenges and provide orientation for dealing with uncertain futures and crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

We support you in the development of future strategies, e.g. by applying horizon scanning, trend analyses, creative dialogues, scenario processes or road mapping. With our methods, we promote the exploration of alternative future scenarios, initiate learning processes, question biases and open up new options to create your future for you. This also includes participatory methods for stakeholder involvement, e.g. in scenario development or co-creation workshops.

Our interdisciplinary team

  • searches for and evaluates signals of change in technology and society,
  • works alongside our clients and stakeholders to develop alternative scenarios for the future, and
  • supports the development of robust future strategies.

In our research and consulting projects

  • We work with scientifically based foresight methods.
  • We customize the processes and formats in order to integrate them into the ongoing strategic processes of the respective organization.
  • We offer transparent, well-documented processes which reveal future expectations and interdependencies.
  • We involve experts and stakeholders whenever possible to increase the validity of the results and strengthen the futures literacy.

Business Units