CC Foresight

The Competence Center Foresight develops, implements and conducts foresight processes within business, politics and society.

We view Foresight as the structured analysis of complex futures.

Our aim is to use foresight activities to strengthen the future viability of our clients and society as a whole. With the help of participatory and discursive formats, we promote the exploration of alternative developments, initiate learning processes, question thought structures and perceptual filters, and open up new design possibilities.

Our clients develop future competence (futures literacy) and are sensitized for a conscious handling of uncertainties and changes.


Our interdisciplinary team

  • searches for and evaluates signs of change in technology and society,
  • works alongside our clients and stakeholders to develop alternative scenarios for the future, and
  • supports the development of long-term goals and robust future strategies.


In our research and consulting projects

  • We work with scientifically based foresight methods.
  • We develop a specific approach, targeting group-oriented result formats that can be integrated into the ongoing strategic processes of the respective organization.
  • We offer a transparent procedure with documentation of future expectations and interdependencies.
  • We involve experts and stakeholders in individual phases to ensure the validity of the results and promote future competence.

Business Units