Mission statement

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Our mission

Our research is aimed at tackling the challenges facing present and future generations. We make an active and relevant contribution to solving current problems at national and global level. We help to chart the course for industry, policy and society and provide strategic advice on innovations and transformations towards a sustainable future. Our holistic systemic view is the result of including diverse perspectives and different societal stakeholders.

Our vision

Our excellent research makes us the leading institute for applied innovation and systems research in Europe. We identify important future topics, help to shape these actively and influence national and international discourses in academia, society and politics.

Our guiding principles

We work with open minds, adhere to the highest scientific standards, and deliver comprehensible results. We are independent, think ahead and outside the box and are not afraid to challenge common assumptions and premises about the research questions we address.

We develop creative research approaches by integrating and combining very different disciplines. We are quick and highly qualified to take up and further develop new issues and new methods.This is supported by our innovative ways of working together and the openness of our colleagues.

We enjoy what we do and use resources sustainably. The personal further development of each staff member and a good work-life balance are fundamental for how we work together.