Mission statement

Our mission

Our research is centered on the challenges facing present and future generations. We actively and relevantly contribute to solving current problems at the national and global levels, are thought leaders for the business world, politics and society, and provide strategic consulting in the areas of innovation and transformation on the path to a sustainable future. Our holistic system view is nurtured by a variety of perspectives and the involvement of various societal actors.

Our vision

Thanks to our excellent research work, we are the leading research institute for applied innovation and systems research in Europe. We identify important topics for the future, actively shape them and national and international discourses in science, society and politics.

Our guiding principles

We work with open minds, according to the highest scientific standards and deliver comprehensible results. We are independent forward and lateral thinkers and reflect critically on common assumptions and premises of the research questions we work on.

We develop creative research approaches that result from the integration of various disciplines. We pick up new topics and methods quickly and competently, or work on and develop them further. Our innovative working methods and the openness of our colleagues support us in this.

We enjoy our work and use resources sustainably. The personal development of each individual and the balance between work and private life are fundamental for our community.