Clients from industry

We advise our clients on the basis of results from scientific research on strategic corporate decisions. We also identify future topics in order to ensure companies‘competiveness. We help our clients to promote, identify and implement technical innovations as well as service, organisational and process innovations. Our systemic view of technologies and markets analyses the challenges which will face enterprises tomorrow and reveal promising corporate strategies. Our scientific management consultancy focuses on the topics future sustainability, the ability to innovate and the sustainability of enterprises.

A central basis of our analyses for politics and industry is our survey “German Manufacturing Survey“. We have been conducting this broadest survey of modernisation trends in the German manufacturing industry regularly since 1995. The representative sample of around 1,600 companies gives information about the status and the development of important indicators in different areas of innovation. These include the use of innovative organisation and technology concepts in production, relocation and outsourcing strategies of companies as well as new business models to supplement the supply of products around innovative services. Central drivers and levers of success of different innovation strategies can be used in detailed analyses to make sound judgements. In order to provide international comparative data the German survey was internationalized and with partners in important European comparative countries expanded into the “European Manufacturing Survey“.