Business Units

Water Resources Management

The Business Unit Water Resources Management analyzes and assesses current changes in important framework conditions and the application potentials of technical and organizational innovations, and derives measures to improve the sustainability of water systems and infrastructures.

Sustainability Innovation and Policy

The Business Unit Sustainability Innovation and Policy analyzes the environmental impacts of technical and social innovations. At the same time, it examines which political measures are best suited to support environmentally friendly innovations to reach their full potential. Circular economy and digitization are two central research topics of the business area.

Raw Materials

The Business Unit Raw Materials investigates historical, contemporary and future anthropogenic raw material cycles with the goal of understanding them systemically and describing them quantitatively. We explore the manifold relationships between raw materials production and use on the one hand, and environmental impacts, sustainability, actor behavior and innovation on the other hand. An important line of research focuses on raw materials criticality and the security of current and future supply for Germany and Europe.


The Business Unit Mobility develops innovative transport concepts and investigates the impact of transport policy instruments.