Joint Innovation Hub

At the Joint Innovation Hub (JIH), we deal with new ways of working, the development of niches, and combine and develop new topics and methods to open up new questions. Our approach is interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. We look at innovation processes from the perspectives of the organization and stakeholders, and analyze and monitor how innovation processes are initiated and implemented through the collaboration and interaction of actors from science, business, politics and civil society.

Our focus is on the question “How do innovations come into the world?” The JIH tests new research approaches, identifies and addresses new methods, questions and ways of communicating, and locates them scientifically.

We support organizations in shaping their role and opportunities in a constantly changing environment and in further developing their business models and fields of activity. For example, we set up workshops and presentations to work with organizations on how, by means of strategic ambidexterity and boundary spanning, they can use their existing capabilities and, at the same time, can develop new skills and tap into new knowledge.  

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