ICT Standardisation Observatory and Support Facility in Europe 2026 builds on the success of the previous two editions [2020-23 & 2018-19 initiatives], delivered by the original partners who prepared the first proposal back in 2017, obtaining the recognition of the “go-to” project on ICT Standards in Europe. 2026's principal goal is to strengthen its global reach in the European ICT Standardisation Ecosystem, by:

a) launching & managing a robust and efficient facility supporting the Fellowship Programme with € 2,925,000 funding earmarked over 36 months with 9 Open Calls;

b) EUOS (EU Observatory for ICT Standardisation) and Technical Working Groups (TWGs) empowering contributions from ICT standardisation experts;

c) Training the next generation of ICT standardisation experts, engaging with National Standardisation Bodies & PPPs through the Standards Education Group (EUOS-SEG);

d) ensuring hi-level steering of 2026 by means of an authoritative Expert Group (the EAG) who tap directly into the WGs & TCs of SDOs, tackling EU priorities, challenges & gaps;

e) Creating an engaging & influential Forum on EU Strategy for ICT standards to address policy (FOREST), to keep momentum in policy discussions, in-synch with the MSP and subsequent high-level forum to be rolled-out in 2022.




European Commission, DG Connect


Trust-IT, Dublin City University, European Digital SME Alliance Open Forum Europe, AUSTRALO