Dr. Susanne Bührer

Coordinator of Business Unit Societal Change and Innovation, Project Manager

Dr. Susanne Bührer has been employed at Fraunhofer ISI in Karlsruhe since 1996, and has been the Coordinator of the Business Unit Societal Change and Innovation (previous called Policy and Evaluation) since 2010. Before starting work at the Fraunhofer Society, she studied politics, sociology and history at the University of Stuttgart (Master of Arts) and completed her PhD at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research as part of a research project on "Migration potentials".

Susanne Bührer has worked in the field of research and innovation policy for many years with a focus on program evaluations and human resources. As a project manager at Fraunhofer ISI, she has a wide range of experience working on and managing third party-funded projects for national and international clients. As well as the evaluation of the BMBF Framework Programmes FONA 1 and FONA 2 (BMBF, 2018-2020), the BMBF’s SILQUA-FH funding program (social innovations for quality of life in old age, 2015-2016), she has worked on the evaluation of the Austrian research funding organizations FFG and aws (Austrian ministries bmvit and bmwfw, 2016-2017). She is also involved in different projects in the field of RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation), for example MoRRI (Monitoring the evaluation and benefits of RRI, 2014-2018), SUPER-MoRRI (SUPER MoRRI – Scientific understanding and provision of an enhanced and robust monitoring system for RRI, 2019-2024) and EFFORTI (Evaluation framework for promoting gender equality in research and innovation, 2016-2019).

Her specialized research fields include program evaluations, monitoring the evaluation of institutional funding measures, the topic of gender and innovation, and responsible research and innovation issues.