Responsible tEerritories and Institutions eNable and Foster Open Research and inClusive Innovation for traNsitions Governance (REINFORCING)

REINFORCING (Responsible tEerritories and Institutions eNable and Foster Open Research and inClusive Innovation for traNsitions Governance) aims to become the central point of knowledge and expertise for matters related to Open and Responsible Research and Innovation (ORRI) — easily accessible, up-to-date and tailored to community needs. To this end, the project will review and exploit the richness of more than ten years of ORRI-related initiatives, including the RRI Tools database and the SUPER MoRRI results. It will make this know-how available in the REINFORCING One-Stop Source platform, together with new community-led resources. REINFORCING will act as catalyzer of quadruple-helix community members, who will co-develop services, including policy recommendations.

A central element of the project is the support of actual institutional changes aiming at responsible sustainability transitions. Funding for these initiatives will be made available through grants. REINFORCING will award 96 of these grants dedicated to boost institutions scaling up their ORRI capacities, and to support European regions experimenting with ORRI for the first time. In addition, mentoring and matchmaking services and training modules will be provided by REINFORCING to interested actors. Reducing disparities is another key focus of REINFORCING: Three key gaps (Balkan regions, open Innovation and mission projects) have already been identified and will be addressed through specific actions. The engagement of a Global ORRI Network, which will be established in the course of the project, will guarantee wide international cooperation. Taken together, these activities will result in a number of medium and longterm impacts, such as numerous individual institutional changes and the further support of of excellent, open and responsible research and innovation across the ERA.

Consolidating the knowledge base in the area of Open and Responsible Research and Innovation (ORRI), development of a one-stop shop online portal for ORRI information, tools and trainings; support for organizational and regional change through the provision of advice and financial support.

Literature review, co-design processes, expert interviews




European Commission


  • Fondazione Giannino Bassetti
  • AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH)
  • VTT (Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy)
  • Technalia (Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation)
  • Italbiotec, Stickydot
  • Inmark Europe
  • EBN (European Business and Innovation Centre Network)
  • RWTH (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen)
  • University Novi Sad (Univerzitet u Novom Sadu)