Evaluation LBG Career Center

The LBG Career Center was established at the end of 2016 with the objective of preparing junior researchers of the LBI and LBC for their future career in and particular outside of science. Fraunhofer ISI was commissioned to accompany the Career Center.

The intersectoral mobility of young researchers, which the LBG Career Center seeks to support, is attributed an important role in the current policy literature. On the one hand it is assumed that the European science systems cannot absorb the strong increase in post graduate students. On the other hand intersectoral mobility is considered an important driver of science and technology transfer processes (Science Europe 2017; Tijssen et al. 2017). Researchers are therefore understood as "knowledge-brokers", who for example sustain scientific methods or technologies in enterprises, establish evidence-based methods in politics, promote the correct description of statistical correlations in the media or strengthen young people’s interest in science.

In practice, however, changing from science to the private sector or public administration often proves to be difficult. From literature a number of barriers i.e. cultural factors, information and competence problems are known which have a negative impact on inter-sectoral mobility. Whether and to what extent the LBG Career Center can help the supervised junior researchers to overcome these barriers is to be examined within the evaluation.

Science Europe (2017): Intersectoral Mobility Schemes in Science Europe Member Organisations. Online:, accessed: 07.04.2017.

Tijssen, R.; Lamers, W.; Yegros, A. (2017): UK universities interacting with industry: patterns of research collaboration and inter-sectoral mobility of academic researchers. In: Centre for Global Higher Education working paper series 14. Online:, accessed: 07.04.2017.


The objective of the evaluation is to examine the design, implementation and impacts (Outputs, Outcomes und Impacts) of the Career Center in order to facilitate its further development. The Career Center is regarded as a self-learning project. Therefore the suggested study is designed as an accompanying evaluation. 


In addition to interviews and workshops two online interviews, one at the beginning of the project, one at the end, are at the center of the evaluation.




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