Evaluation concept LBG Career Center

The LBG Career Center (CC), established in 2016, aims to prepare young scientists for a successful career, especially outside the science system, offering a broad portfolio of qualification and further training measures. In addition, the CC should contribute to improved personnel management by the heads of the institutes. Conceptually, the CC aims to promote inter-sectoral mobility. In order to enable a further development of the CC as a self-learning project and to identify rooms for improvement, an accompanying evaluation of the CC with regard to design, implementation and effects was carried out.

The aim of the evaluation was to examine the design, implementation and effects (outputs, outcomes and impacts) of the Career Center and to derive recommendations for further development.

The evaluation was based on a mix of methods consisting of document analyses, interviews (a total of 18), two longitudinal online surveys (number of valid answers 119 and 106 respectively) and three workshops.

For the three fields of investigation design, implementation and effects, the analysis came to the following conclusions: The level of awareness of the CC is excellent and the CC offers were well used. Furthermore, both aspects have developed positively over time. However, only slightly less than half of the scientists used the CC offers as preparation for a career outside the institute. The evaluation also showed that only about one third of the respondents aimed for a future outside science and that there was not yet enough explicit support in the institutes for those scientists who are planning a change of sector. The Career Center's mandate to provide a tailored range of qualifications and to create transparency regarding the requirements for professional positions outside science is therefore still of great relevance.


1.7.2017 – 31.07.2019


Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft GmbH, Austria