Foresight for Research and Civil Society

Actors from research and civil society increasingly find themselves in a landscape that is marked by global megatrends, long-term societal challenges, disruptive events, and crises. 

Traditional activity areas and disciplinary boundaries of research are evolving, due to digitalization, scientific dynamics and orientation at sustainability, resilience, and innovation missions. Impact assessment and ethical principles are becoming essential components of responsible research. New partnerships of research with diverse stakeholder groups are emerging to embed research effectively in society.

At the same time, society is changing fundamentally. Tendencies of social fragmentation and segregation of groups collide with tendencies of cohesion und homogenization of worldviews and lifestyles. New forms of engagement in politics and society and of communication are emerging. Public debates are becoming more intense. In this environment, civil society actors position themselves anew, open up to research, citizens and other actors, and pursue new communication approaches. 

Drawing on our diverse foresight methods, we work together with our clients to create a tailored approach for proactive navigation of the changing landscape.

We assist organizations from reseach and civil society by

  • Horizon Scanning: to capture the diverse developments in your organization's environment systematically (e.g., 360 ° radar: society, science, technology, innovation, economy, ecology, governance, etc.)
  • Debiasing: to reflect and address perception filters and judgment biases (e.g., by involvement of non-specialists and lay people)
  • Sense Making: to evaluate and assess dynamics of change (e.g., Delphi Survey, discussion of controversial issues with stakeholders)
  • Explorative Foresight: to anticipate different futures (e.g., Scenario Technique, Experiential Futures, Wild Card Analysis, Impact Assessment)
  • Normative Foresight: to discuss values and co-create shared goals, visions and narratives (e.g., Visioning)
  • Strategy Development: to explore the action space and make it accessible for action (e.g., SWOT Analysis, Roadmapping)

We enhance your organization's long-term resilience and societal impact, and assist in embedding foresight practices.

Get in touch with us. Together we can develop your strategic foresight process and explore new solutions.