Dr. Philine Warnke

Coordinator of Business Unit Futures Thinking and Dialogs

After having studied mechanical engineering in Essen, Philine joined the interdisciplinary DFG post graduate program “technology and society” at the University of Darmstadt where she completed her PhD in 2001 in the context of social science studies of technology (STS). Since then she has been active as a researcher in innovation studies with a focus on futures dialogues (Foresight). As project and team leader at the Fraunhofer ISI, the „Institute for Prospective Studies“ of the European Commission (JRC-IPTS) in Sevilla, Spain, and the Austrian Institute of Technology AIT in Vienna, Austria, she designed and implemented a number of Foresight processes in support to decision makers in policy, society and industry in Europe and beyond. Through a number of contributions to conferences, seminars, guidebooks and journals she contributed significantly to advancing and spreading Foresight theory and practice. Since 2014 she is back at the Fraunhofer ISI leading the business unit Futures Thinking and Futures Dialogues.