Foresight for Policy and Administration

Given the escalating landscape of disruptive events and looming crises, policymakers and administrators from UN to local municipality level find themselves confronted with new demands for anticipatory governance. Previously stable conditions such as geopolitical alliances, global supply chains, societal cohesion, and technological innovations are undergoing transformations. This brings not only the need for swift responses to crises but also an increasingly urgent imperative to strategically shape long-term transformations.

Strategic foresight plays a pivotal role in navigating these uncertainties. It facilitates the questioning of existing structures and practices, encourages the exploration of new, ideally equitable solutions beyond well-trodden paths, and incorporates a multitude of diverse perspectives.

Foresight, as a core element of anticipatory policy, can enhance the transformative resilience of policy domains and society as a whole.

With our participatory, science based foresight processes we assist actors in policy and administration in:

  • Identifying and assessing emerging changes and trends early on, and prioritising them for agenda setting (Horizon ScanningDelphi Surveys)
  • challenging perception filters and dominant narratives (Debiasing)
  • contemplating diffent possible futures and their implications (Scenario Building)
  • developing common goals and visions, deliberating values and aligning expectations (Visioning)
  • Formulating robust strategies and options for action (Roadmapping)

We strengthen your long-term viability by assisting you in embedding foresight practices into the structures, culture, and routines of your organization.

Get in touch with us. Together we can develop your bespoke strategic foresight process.