Foresight for Business and Industry Associations

Companies and industries are facing massive challenges due to disruptions caused by trends like digital business models, platform economy and AI. They operate in a volatile environment of geo-political crises, energy transition, climate protection, supply chain disruption, resource scarcities, and a shortage of skilled workers. On the one hand, this requires quick decisions for short-term solutions, on the other hand, it becomes increasingly important to plan for the long-term to sustainably secure business success. Strategic foresight helps to navigate uncertainties, review existing structures and practices, and seek innovative solutions. As a core element of proactive corporate leadership, foresight can enhance the competitiveness of companies, industries, and the entire economy.

We assist companies and industry associations in

  • Horizon Scanning, Trend Radar: Early identification and strategic prioritization of weak signals for emerging trends and technological developments
  • Scenario Building: Reflecting on various future scenarios and associated opportunities and risks
  • Visioning: Aligning science-based future expectations and formulating common goals and visions
  • Roadmapping: Exploring business opportunities and developing robust innovation strategies

We strengthen your long-term competitiveness by supporting the integration of foresight practices into the structures, culture, and routines of your organization.

Get in touch with us. Together we can develop your strategic foresight process and explore new solutions.