Circadian Rhythms and Technology - Desynchronization in Everyday Life (CIRCADIA)

The chronobiology project CIRCADIA analyzes how circadian rhythms, i.e. the daily rhythms of humans controlled by "internal clocks", are influenced by new and variously combined technologies in everyday life. More and more devices - especially digital ones - are invading our human lives. The socio-technical change associated with this is proceeding insidiously. It leads to a constant de-structuring of the daily life, with the consequence of a de-rhythmization of the biology and psychology of many people.  Through a systematic review and foresight (literature analysis, horizon scanning, online surveys, exploratory workshops, impact assessment), we take a short-term (5 years) and a long-term (10 and more years) view at potential influences of an increased use of digital, often light-emitting devices and the associated opportunities as well as risks, e.g. for human health. Based on our findings, we develop both prevention and solution strategies for existing problems as well as new scope for action.