Dr. Christoph Neef

Christoph Neef is a senior scientist and project manager at Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI in Karlsruhe Germany. His focus of work lies on the analysis of new technologies and emerging markets in the fields of energy storage, nano-materials and smart production. Christoph Neef did his PhD in the field of solid-state physics and Li-ion batteries (2012-2016). During his post-doc, he was manager of the laboratory for synthesis and crystal growth at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, Heidelberg (2016-2017) and worked on novel cathode materials for Li-ion batteries and respective synthesis techniques.

    • Analysis of innovation systems in the field of micro- and nano-technology and materials sciences.
    • Technology development of Li-ion Batteries and post-LIB
    • Demand and market analysis for energy storage and electric mobility
    • Business models for second life usage of traction batteries
    • Analysis of innovation systems in the field of micro- and nano-technology
    • Research- and technology analysis of Industry 4.0 implementation in the European process industry
    • Battery research
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