New Technology Impulses for the Region

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In the Münsterland-wide collaborative project "Enabling Networks Münsterland", five entrepreneurial think tanks were created to address innovation competence fields in Münsterland: Digital Solutions, Engineering Pro, Materials and Surfaces, Sustainable Eco and Life Sciences. The aim of the foresight analysis was to support the think tanks in better assessing future developments that are relevant to the region and to create recommendations for action for the future development of the region. To this end, semi-automated text-mining methods, bibliometric analysis and expert interviews were used to compile technology trends with potential relevance for Münsterland. The project was completed in mid-2022. On May 15, selected technologies were presented that focused on the particular development potential for companies in the region. The video of Elna Schirrmeister's presentation is available here and the results of the five studies are available for download.