Nof Afghani


Nof Afghani studied civil engineering at the University of Jordan, where she received her bachelor's degree in 2016. Before starting her Master's program, Nof worked as a project manager at ACTED international NGO providing scientific and strategic advice on projects concerning designing and implementing sustainable water and sanitation services for vulnerable communities. She moved to Germany in 2019 and finished her Master's degree in integrated water resources management at the TH Koeln in 2021. She wrote her Master's thesis on the socio-technical transition toward water circularity. Her thesis work was part of an EU H2020-project, NextGen, on the circular water economy. The focus of the master thesis was on the Horticulture sector in Westland, Netherlands and identifying the institutional enablers and barriers to upscale circular water technologies. Nof Afghani has been working as a research assistant in the Competence Center Policy and Society since April 2022. She is interested in transition governance and management, especially in analysing and developing effective policies to achieve successful transformation processes and institutional change from a transdisciplinary research approach.