Evaluation study on the relevance and internal coherence of Horizon 2020 and its policy mix

According to the Better Regulation framework, the European Framework Programmes for Research have to be evaluated. The evaluation is part of a series of evaluation studies gathering evidences for the ex-post evaluation of Horizon 2020. It focusses solely on the evaluation criteria  "relevance” and "internal coherence” The aim of the evaluation is to analyse whether the mix of instruments, activities and processes (in this study called the "policy mix”) has been relevant to the needs of external stakeholders and whether the interplay between the different components of H2020 has been adequate. It updates the results of the interim evaluation of 2017. A specific emphasis is put on the question whether the shift towards "impact orientation" of European research funding has been successfully launched already during the H2020 programming period.

Fraunhofer ISI is coordinating the study and the consortium of three partner organisations.

The study evaluates the relevance and internal coherence of the 8th European Framework Programme for Research "Horizon 2020".

A multi-method mix is used in consisting of policy mix case studies, international benchmarking case studies, interviews, workshops, documentary analysis, a meta-analysis of findings.

Evaluation report is foreseen for 2023.




Technopolis Consulting Group Belgium SPRL, on behalf of European Commission, DG RTD


Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)


Technopolis Consulting Group Belgium SPRL