Dr. rer. pol. Ewa J. Dönitz

Coordinator of Business Unit Foresight for Business and Industry Associations

Dr. Ewa J. Dönitz has been working as a scientific project manager at the Competence Center Foresight of the Fraunhofer ISI since 2009. Since June 2013, she has been leading the Business Unit Foresight for Business and Industry Associations. Her primary focus is on applying future research in foresight-based strategy processes, particularly in the development of scenario-based roadmaps, visions, and trend analysis within the context of industrial, public, and regional foresight projects to support decision-making under uncertainty. Additionally, she is a lecturer in future research methods at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

After completing her studies in economics at the Oskar Lange Economics Academy in Wrocław (Poland) and economics at the University of Bremen, she worked as a research associate at the Institute for Project Management and Innovation (IPMI) at the University of Bremen. She earned her Ph.D. with a thesis on advancing the scenario methodology.