Dr. rer. pol. Ewa J. Dönitz

Coordinator of Business Unit Foresight for Strategy Development

Dr. Ewa J. Dönitz has been a senior researcher in the Competence Center Foresight at Fraunhofer ISI since 2009. She is an expert in scenario development and supports colleagues across the Institute in developing scenarios in various thematic areas and leads national and European Foresight projects. Her research is focussing on the whole range of Foresight methods in particular scenarios, visions and roadmaps and its application for underpinning strategy building and innovation processes.

Since June 2013, she has been a coordinator of the Business Unit Foresight for Strategy Development. She is teaching innovation and project management at the Femtec Berlin. In 2011, she was a lecturer for futures research methodology at the University of Kassel.

After having studied economics at the Oskar Lange Economics Academy in Wrocław (Poland) and economics at the University of Bremen, she worked as a research associate at the Institute for Project Management and Innovation (IPMI) at the University of Bremen and received her PhD with a thesis on advancing the scenario methodology.