Umfeldanalyse für die Strategieentwicklung Oberösterreichs

Essential for the further development of Upper Austria's regional strategy is a broad knowledge about important trends and developments in the region. The key players in the region from business, science and politics as well as external experts need to discuss possible, alternative future developments in order to better assess the opportunities and challenges for the region against this background and identify options for action.

The regional strategy becomes more robust if it is not only based on a single future scenario, but can also react to alternative developments and thus strengthen the region's actors in dealing with uncertainty. Key questions concerning the long-term strengthening of Upper Austria's competitiveness were therefore (1) What are the greatest opportunities and challenges for the next 10-12 years? (2) What are the 10 most important topics for the future of Upper Austria?

To this end, Upper Austria has drawn up a strategic programme in order to realign its goals and fields of action and define measures in view of complex environmental developments. The aim was to develop an economic and research programme with a time perspective for 2030. The first phase of the process involved the identification of future topics, which was carried out by Fraunhofer ISI:

  • Environment analysis to discuss the relevance of external developments for Upper Austria
  • Scenario analysis to identify opportunities and challenges and concretise future topics


09/2018 – 02/2019


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