Futures and Society

We search for signals for change and investigate the interactions between different developments and systems. The aim is to widen perception filters and reduce distortions in the evaluation of information for future-oriented decisions. We analyse and evaluate possible future developments in sub-areas of society (civil society, economy, politics, technology, environment, etc.), examine socio-technical innovation potentials, social transformation processes, and the stability and dynamics of societal phenomena. Our results provide the basis for the development of future scenarios and dialogues.

Our competences include:

  • Conception, implementation and support of national and international foresight processes geared to societal needs
  • Systematic recording, preparation and evaluation of future statements, e.g. Delphi analyses and expert surveys
  • Analysis of interactions and development of prospective system models
  • Early identification of topics, opportunities, and risks
  • Systematic recording of changes in technology and society, e. g. the search for weak signals and trend analyses.
  • Preparation of scanning results, e.g. in the form of trend maps, trend radar or other demand- and target group-oriented formats