Meta-Market-Monitoring: webtool for battery data published

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From raw material production for batteries to the battery market itself through to recycling, a new webtool shows relevant data from the entire battery industry.

How will the global battery markets develop? Which battery raw materials are currently being produced in which regions? And what quantity of used batteries will have to be recycled in the future for a sustainable circular economy? Answers to these and other questions are now provided by a new website: In the context of the BMBF-funded battery research project "BEMA2020", Fraunhofer ISI has published an interactive tool for displaying relevant data from the battery industry under the URL

The Meta-Market-Monitoring gives actors from business, science and politics insights into current and future developments of important parameters along the battery value chain.

Visualisation options in the Meta-Market-Monitoring webtool
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Figure 1: Visualisation options in the Meta-Market-Monitoring webtool

The webtool contains data for five successive value creation steps: from primary raw material extraction to material and cell production to the battery market and finally battery recycling. Within these steps, the figures can be evaluated with various filter settings. There is also the option of exporting data. The tool will be updated at regular intervals in the coming years.

Possible ways of using the Meta-Market-Monitoring

The worldwide production of battery cells will increase strongly in the coming years. However, a concrete battery demand for e.g. electric cars is not the only parameter of interest in the context of the battery industry. For example, the origin of battery raw materials such as lithium or cobalt is also being increasingly discussed, or the question is whether recycling capacities for used batteries are sufficient. The Meta-Market-Monitoring can answer these and other questions.

The webtool enables an evaluation of different market data along a global value chain for lithium-ion batteries. The data of the Meta-Market-Monitoring is based on market and calculation models of the Fraunhofer ISI. Market data and forecasts from various analysts complete the data sets.

Background to the project

The development of the website is part of the project »BEMA2020 II - Support measure for the funding initiative Battery materials for future electromobile, stationary and other industry-relevant applications (Battery 2020) « (in German: BEMA2020 II – Begleitmaßnahme zur Förderinitiative Batteriematerialien für zukünftige elektromobile, stationäre und weitere industrierelevante Anwendungen (Batterie 2020)) funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The work package for the creation of the website as part of the accompanying research project is intended, among other things, to provide a holistic overview of the battery industry.


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The data used in this article comes from the BEMA2020 research project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (grant number 03XP0272B).

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