Battery Update: Fraunhofer ISI launches special blog

The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI launches its Battery Update: a new blog format in which scientists present core results from their current battery research. In addition, the blog serves as a platform where current topics around the battery supply chain are accompanied and discussed.

To the Battery Update

In the blog, all five relevant steps of the value chain - i.e. from raw materials to components, battery cells and battery markets to recycling - will be addressed; highlighting technical, economic and ecological aspects. The Battery Update can serve as a reference for relevant scientific issues from the field of battery research for the interested professional audience.

In their contributions, various authors present current topics and debates from the field of battery development in a clear and generally understandable way. The content is aimed at both battery experts and interested readers without in-depth technical knowledge.

Some of the blog articles are based on new publications of the Fraunhofer ISI, others provide insights into our scientists' current research questions of. The research projects from which the results originate or to which further investigations are linked are mentioned in the articles. In this way, Fraunhofer ISI's Battery Update also presents a picture of its diverse battery research activities in various fields.

You can subscribe to the Battery Update via RSS feed. New articles will be published depending on the current topic and research situation. In addition, there will be regular updates of older articles with updated numbers. In its first article, the Battery Update deals with the question of how the global electric vehicle market has developed and how it could continue to develop.

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