How can trustworthy AI be implemented?

Research questions

  • How can social and economic perspectives be integrated into AI projects?
  • How can responsible, sustainable AI be realized that is compatible with people?
  • What methods of participatory technology design are suitable for AI?
  • What role do privacy, surveillance, self-determination and automation play when using AI?  


TA-SWISS voice, speech and facial recognition

The opportunities and risks presented by voice, speech and facial recognition systems are estimated in this interdisciplinary study. The aim is to obtain an overview of what these technologies can actually do. This raises the question of how reliably voice, speech and facial recognition systems can verify and identify persons, and to what extent statements about emotions, personal characteristics or illnesses are scientifically sound.  

Forum Privacy – Research for a self-determined life in the digital world

Based on technical, legal, economic and social science approaches, the research consortium Forum Privacy works on an interdisciplinary-based understanding of the role of privacy in the digital present. Concepts are developed for (re)defining and guaranteeing informational self-determination and privacy in the digital world.  


e-SIDES is an EU-funded Coordination and Support Action (CSA) that will complement the Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs) of the ICT-18 call on privacy-preserving big data technologies by exploring the societal and ethical implications of big data technologies and providing a broad basis and wider context to validate privacy-preserving technologies.

SPARTA – Re-imagining the way cybersecurity research, innovation, and training are performed in Europe

In this project, cybersecurity is not addressed in a general way but approaches the issue from a concrete implementation perspective. Methodological questions like »How can we cultivate out-of-the-box thinking in research endeavours?« or »What is the most effective way to maintain excellence in multi-disciplinary pursuits? « play an important role. Resilient and secure Artificial Intelligence solutions for citizens are one of the examples where these insights will be used.

SMART-map – RoadMAPs to Societal Mobilisation for the Advancement of Responsible Industrial Technologies

In this project we have connected industrial R&D players with actors from academic research and civil society organisations and established innovative formats of collaboration to jointly reflect on, define and implement concrete roadmaps (SMART Maps) for the responsible development of technologies and services in three key time-changing fields.