How do companies benefit from AI?

Research questions

  • What AI applications exist for practical use in companies, especially SMEs, and what impacts do they have on value added and services?
  • What business models exist for AI-based services and what data technology requirements have to be met?
  • What will the world of work look like in the future that is shaped by AI applications?


Empirical study on AI use in production (AI readiness)

With the help of the development of AI Readiness, the dissemination of AI in the manufacturing industry is specifically analysed. On the basis of representative operational data on the use of AI technologies in the industrial enterprises of Baden-Württemberg and Germany, the actual AI readiness can thus be determined, comparisons can be made and essential patterns can be analysed. The results provide essential fields of action and options for stakeholders from politics and industry regarding to the key topic of AI in production.  

SMEs 4.0 – Competence center Stuttgart

The primary focus of the planned project is to design and set up a “Digitalization advice center for SMEs in Baden-Württemberg“ in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. This should act as an exchange and demonstration hub linking the two cities Stuttgart and Karlsruhe with each other and regional locations as the first easily accessible point of contact for local firms. The foundation for this is an interactive platform where the partners and the target group exchange ideas and information, and a specially designed training program for SMEs, skilled trades and craftsmen that integrates existing and selected additional demonstration centers in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.