How well positioned is Germany in AI research?

Research questions

  • What distinguishes Germany's AI landscape and research policy in an international comparison?
  • What framework conditions does AI need?
  • How effective are the government's programs to promote AI?
  • What effects does AI have on sectors and economic regions?
  • How can AI impacts be measured? (Bibliometrics, patent analyses, network-based methods)


Monitoring Digital Transformation and Key Enabling Technologies

The study aims to:

  • Provide evidence and support a better understanding of the European industry's challenges and transformation process
  • Develop tools and indicators to monitor and analyse the development and deployment of advanced technologies within the EU industrial base
  • Support actions and investments in strategic industrial value chains across EU countries

Empirical study on AI use in production (AI readiness)

With the help of the development of AI Readiness, the dissemination of AI in the manufacturing industry is specifically analysed. On the basis of representative operational data on the use of AI technologies in the industrial enterprises of Baden-Württemberg and Germany, the actual AI readiness can thus be determined, comparisons can be made and essential patterns can be analysed. The results provide essential fields of action and options for stakeholders from politics and industry regarding to the key topic of AI in production.

Innovation Indicator 2020

The innovation indicator compiles a ranking of the world's most important innovative nations. This is intended to provide an empirical overview of Germany's specific strengths and weaknesses with regard to its innovation competitors. Innovation policy recommendations are made based on the evidence provided by a detailed analysis of the five subsystems industry, science, education, governance and society.