Standards and Standardization Processes as a Recursive Transfer Channel for Transdisciplinary Knowledge

The aim of the project is to investigate the dissemination and diffusion of scientific knowledge about international standards, which are jointly developed by science, industry and other stakeholders in consensual processes, in companies using a web-based approach. Scientific publications referenced in a standard are essential for its actual implementation. The generated knowledge is thus anchored in a standard. If this standard is implemented by a company, this is a concrete indication of knowledge transfer (KT) in the sense of a concrete channeling of scientific and technological knowledge. The importance of standards as a channel of interactive knowledge and technology transfer has been largely neglected in the discussion so far. To investigate the importance of this channel for KT, the first step is to identify and analyze the scientific publications referenced in the more than 20,000 standards published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In a second step, corporate websites will be examined, both at the beginning of the project and throughout its duration, to determine which international standards, if any, are applied in companies.


The aim of the project is to demonstrate the dissemination and diffusion of scientific knowledge via international standards that are jointly developed by science, business and other stakeholder processes. The project thus aims to establish standards as a knowledge transfer channel.


Bibliometric methods and web scraping