Development of practice oriented concepts in the area of mission formulation and mission design

In just a few years mission oriented (innovation) policy has developed into a prominent and much-discussed approach. In many countries of the OECD-World as well as on the EU-level mission-oriented policies are now being implemented. However, despite or perhaps because of the rapid rise of the concept, there is often a lack of experience in its design and practical implementation.
Against this background the project supports political actors with processes of mission development - particularly in the phases of mission formulation and mission design - with practice oriented concepts and approaches. Where possible, suggestions are also made as to how identified gaps in the strategies of projects already under development or at the beginning of implementation can be sharpened.
The focus of the project is on the early phases of mission-oriented policy, namely the formulation of the mission and the mission design. Here, the emphasis will be on the concretization and further formulation of politically defined mission goals as well as on the definition and further development of policy instruments and the broader mix of instruments. In order to be able to develop the support offers of the project as concretely and comprehensibly as possible, the field of the circular economy was chosen as a promising application area for illustrative purposes.
The project builds on own, extensive work on mission-oriented innovation policy on (particularly the accompanying research on the high-tech strategy and the project on mission agencies. It is closely linked, both thematically and in its implementation, to the project 'Shaping mission policy effectively'.