Mission agency

The project aims to contribute to the scientific, evidence-informed support of the current research and innovation policy discussion in the field of mission-oriented innovation policy. Against the background of the numerous design and implementation challenges for state actors that are associated with the comparatively new policy approach of mission orientation, the establishment of specific "mission agencies" is seen as a possible approach to overcome existing restrictions of ministerial administrations and to better meet the special requirements of mission orientation.

The timing of the project is based on central announcements of the coalition agreement of the federal government adopted in November 2021, the formulation and translation of which - for example in the form of the new future strategy of the federal government - into measures that can be implemented are still ongoing or are being discussed controversially in some cases.

The publication of a discussion paper has two main objectives: On the one hand, the current debate on selected innovation policy issues is to be shaped in a timely manner by convincing argumentation and groundbreaking recommendations. Secondly, and closely related to this, the formulation of theses and proposals should be as evidence-based as possible and take into account the current state of research.

Interviews, desk research, workshops




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